Who Are FINRA Arbitrators?



Image: FINRA.org

Legal professional Matthew E. Syken is a 2017 nominee for General Counsel of the Year from Orange County Business Journal. In practice for over 10 years, Matthew Syken is a FINRA counselor and FINRA arbitrator.

FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) arbitrators are highly engaged professionals who work together to solve securities-related disputes. They are dynamic individuals who serve the investment industry by working as independent third party arbitrators in a fair and impartial dispute resolution system. The arbitrators listen to both sides of the dispute, evaluate the facts, and give a final binding decision. The arbitrators may also be called upon to perform additional work such as participating in prehearing conference calls and resolving discovery disputes.

FINRA arbitrators benefit from performing these roles. They gain membership to a professional community of over 7,200 arbitrators where they can expand their professional networks. They can also build their skills and competence, and are able to supplement their income.

Legal professionals with over five years’ professional experience and at least two years of college-level credits can apply to become FINRA arbitrators. An arbitration background is not necessary. However, qualified arbitrators will have to complete FINRA’s Basic Arbitrator Training Program.


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